NMIEC services to its members:

  1. NMIEC represents its members before the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission (NMPRC) in all relevant utility proceedings, including rate cases, fuel factor approval cases, utility diversifications, financings and merger proceedings. NMIEC also initiates proceedings and develops issues to benefit its members.
  2. NMIEC represents its members in appeals of NMPRC decisions, which go directly to the New Mexico Supreme Court.
  3. NMIEC lobbies for its members on energy issues before the New Mexico Legislature – supporting, opposing, and monitoring appropriate legislation.
  4. NMIEC watches regional and national utility developments and works with the national group, ELCON, and other state industrial groups on issues outside New Mexico’s borders.
  5. NMIEC assists its members in understanding and coordinating their energy usage with rate requirements, so that they receive the highest level of service at the lowest cost.

Benefits of NMIEC membership:

Full-time legal representation before the NMPRC and on appeals.

Lobbying on issues and legislation which affects energy policy, service and rates.

Cumulative savings to NMIEC members of tens of millions of dollars.

Individual member savings of hundreds of thousands, in some cases millions, of dollars per year.

Constant presence and long-term commitments assure that NMIEC’s achievements are maintained over time.

NMIEC member dues are returned many times over in the form of reduced energy costs.